The area of the straight pyramid: design and implementation of a geometry activity

Nora E. Herrera
Stella M. Soto
Verónica A. Quiroga
Ana E. Puzzella
Marcel D. Pochulú

Abstract:In this paper, we present the design of a task of geometric in order to make emerge the concept of right pyramid area from its development plan. The implementation took place in a course for Physics teachers at the National University of San Juan (Argentina), during the academic year 2014. To diagram and support the proposal, we use elements of Critical Mathematics Education, Theory of Didactic Situations and Onto-semiotic Focus of Knowledge and Mathematical Instruction. The purpose is to highlight some elements that serve to delineate math activities that can be done differently in the college class, moving them away from traditional models of teaching and encouraging students to construct their own
knowledge. To do this, we show the design criteria we use and how we made an a priori and a posteriori analysis of the mentioned task.

Keywords: didactic proposal, task design criteria, problem solving, surface area of the right pyramid.


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