La observación y el análisis de las prácticas de enseñar matemáticas como recursos para la formación continua de maestros de primaria. Reflexiones sobre una experiencia

David Block, Patricia Martínez, Tatiana Mendoza y Margarita Ramírez

Abstract: We study the conditions under which the observation and analysis of teaching practices can turn out to be valuable tools on teachers training processes. Our discussion is based on the results of a course on mathematics education with teacher-trainers, which was conducted combining online and face-to-face sessions. The course was focused on the study of four topics in mathematics and its teaching: proportionality, Euclidean division, fractions and measurement. We highlight the difficulty of focusing the analysis on mathematical knowledge, and point out certain factors that can help improving such difficulty, particularly, the collective carry out of a careful analysis of the didactical situation before its implementation.

Keywords: Teachers’ training, mathematics teaching practices.


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